Hey there friend! I'm super excited about this guest post program. But first let me just get the not so fun tough love bits out so they're here at the tippy top of this article.

Don't Do This

Don't ask me if I saw your submission. If you finished the form, it's in there and I will see it.

Don't ask me when I will post it either. I do not have these on a schedule.

Don't DM me a question unless you've already read these guidelines from top to bottom and still didn't find the answer you needed. I wish I could respond to everyone but I run this whole page in my spare time and don't sell anything so I need to limit my time here and there.

Topics I Accept

🔘 Social Media Marketing
🔘 Content Writing or Copywriting
🔘 Content Marketing Tips
🔘 Content Creation Tips

Post Requirements

carousel posts only
❌ single graphics, video post, or selfies not allowed

Make a new post for your submission
❌ Don't send me the same exact copy and design you've posted elsewhere

Use your fonts and brand colors
❌ Don't try to make your post match my aesthetic

✅ Use assets you have the right to use
❌ Don't submit guest posts with stolen illustrations, images, audio or anything else

Your Account's Requirements

  1. Have at least 9 posts on your profile so people can go binge your content after the guest post. Trust me, it's better for you this way! 😎
  2. Your guest post and your account content must be in English as it's the language of my account and the language the majority of my followers speak.
  3. No private accounts requiring people to follow you to see your stuff.

Please don't be discouraged if your post isn't published within 1-2 months. You can always submit a new post every month to try again.

Submit a Post in 3, 2, 1...

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