The Instagram Blueprint + Q&A Session

The Instagram Blueprint + Q&A Session


The power of the personal brand is more important than ever. Brands of all sizes, from start-ups to massive corporations like Coca-Cola, are flocking to influencers & entrepreneurs to represent them.


Because today’s modern consumer is a more ethical & conscious shopper who cares more about whom they’re buying from.

Creating a personal brand allows for a seamless transition with the consumer in the sense that both can align their values or in simpler terms, you guys just really like each other and want to support one another.

What This Book Will Accomplish

  • You'll receive the clarity you need to understand yourself, your offer, and how to deliver it in an engaging way via Instagram

  • Grow a social media following with quality followers through my value-focused methods

  • You will have 12+ practice assignments to implement templates, strategies, and productive work flows

  • Learn how to tell stories that captivate and increase lead generation

  • Tap into the power of using hashtags the right way

  • Establish an engagement strategy to attract the right people

  • Nurture strategic partnerships to cross-pollinate audiences to grow your exposure with relevant audiences


This Is For You If…

  • No matter what, you can’t seem to attract the right followers to your account or any at all

  • Scrolling through your feed leaves you feeling insecure about your own brand

  • You know what you want but aren’t clear on how to create a message around it

  • You’re putting out content that you think is insanely valuable but nobody is engaging it

  • You’ve been using hashtags but don’t know if they’re really helping you be seen

  • Getting followers that are likely to become a customer is more important to you than just blowing up numbers that might never become a sale

  • It’s important for you to build partnerships & collabs but you can’t seem to break through

  • You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur who truly cares about their community

This Is Not For You If…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix

  • You don’t truly care about creating meaningful relationships with your community

  • You’re not interested in investing in your personal brand’s growth and community