time to step into your brands power by showcasing your worth and setting you up with a frustration-free content creation workflow


Meet The Branded Content Blueprint

An e-book and set of video tutorials created to melt away your content creation stress and replace it with an aligned brand plus intelligent workflow.

Whether you’re making content for Instagram or running an ad - this is for you.

Are you tired of creating content that never matches your feed?
Want to make it nearly effortless to appear on multiple online platforms?
Done with the frustration of spending hours doing your own graphics from scratch every single time?

What’s Inside

  • Brand identity questionnaire to unlock the pillars of your brand’s authenticity, values, and mission

  • Psychology-based guidance on how to match your answers to the right colors & overall styles for your branding

  • Access to three video tutorials walking you through building a custom workspace on Canva and creating a smart template system


You'll need a subscription to Adobe Lightroom in order to use this

When it comes to photo editing, no cutesy basic app comes close to Adobe Lightroom. Bye bye VSCO. No worries, we do all the heavy lifting for you so all you need to do is have a Lightroom subscription, add the filter, and adjust to your liking if needed.

All filters have been tested on a variety of images to require little to no additional editing to adjust the settings.

What’s Inside?

  • 9 Filters: 3 sets of filter styles with 3 variations in each set

  • Video tutorials on how to install the filters on desktop and mobile versions of Adobe Lightroom

  • Video tutorial on how to adjust filter settings if needed

  • Video tutorial on how to batch edit photos on desktop version of Lightroom

Colorful Urbanista | 3-Pack Filter Set

  • Gives your images a variety of vibrancy and saturated toning

Bright & Airy Summer | 3-Pack Filter Set

  • Brings out whites, blues, and shadows

Rose Gold | 3-Pack Filter Set

  • Creates a soft and bright look with hints of gold & pink tones.

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