get comfy, grab a glass of wine, & unwind

great, now lets get started!

I’m not gonna lie. This is a long ass questionnaire.

But you and I are about to make some magic happen. To do that, I need to start getting inside your head to understand how you think, feel, and speak so I can help you put out content in alignment with your brand.

With that said, don’t feel pressured to sound formal and “professional” on here. I just want you to be…well…you in your most honest state! However that looks, sounds, or feels – express your feedback in the questions below.

Oh and just so you know what our initial steps will look like, here’s a little summary…

  1. I’ll review your answers and schedule a call to go over answers and agree on the direction for your style

  2. Then, I’ll either put together a mood board or set of 2 to 3 mockups (depends on our first call) for you to decide on the direction for your visuals

I’m so excited to learn about you and create a look for your brand that your target audience will easily recognize!

Contact & Business Info
Here, we'll basically just go over who you are, who will be involved from your team, and your company profiles.
Name *
The name of the decision maker and main point of contact for successful completion of this project.
Please list anyone else within your team who will be part of this project such as your head of marketing, business partner, etc.
Which social platforms is your brand planning to stay or be active on? *
If you do not have the same username across all social platforms, I strongly recommend finding something that works.
Laying Out The Fundamental Pillars of Your brand
This is where we lay out the main foundations for your brand such as what you do and how you wish to be viewed as a brand.
EX: Diana Gets Social is a graphic design studio specializing in creating graphics & content to support a brand's online presence.
EX: Our mission is to help brands showcase their worth by getting their social media presence looking the part. We want to be a true example of the power of great design which we believe is often underestimated by many business owners.
EX: Integrity, connection, creativity, transparency, quality, and social responsibility.
EX: You have no clue how to make a template, pick colors, and are absolutely pressed on time. You just want someone who can understand your vision and do it for you or give you an easily customizable template.
Your Brand’s Competition & Competitive Advantages
We're about to dig deep into who your competition is and why as well as what makes your brand special.
Think of experiences that have shaped you that could contribute to what gave birth to your business. You don't have to get uncomfortably personal but think more of what's the persona you want to convey or why do you do what you do?
Name brands that are similar to yours. So if you're a personal trainer, who are other trainers you could consider competition and why for each?
Let me know which brand you admire and the qualities you admire from them that you'd like to translate into your own style of branding.
Understanding Your Target Audience
Factor in things like their age, marital status, financial status, gender, sexual orientation, and anything else you’d consider a defining factor for who you want to speak to.
Describe what their weekdays, weekends, and interests might include. Maybe you're both coffee shop lovers or outdoorsy.
Describe the struggle/desire and how your brand comes in.
EX: honesty, transparency, humor etc
EX: My target audience is likely to shop at Whole Foods and make eco-friendly purchases from brands like beauty, love, planet. They probably avoid Starbucks and opt for supporting their favorite local coffee shop. They might also get clothing from stores like Everlane, Anthropologie, and Planet Blue with the occasional Target haul.
EX: They love sites like The Verge for their tech news, Vox for easy-to-understand news, and HuffPost for their culture & life columns.
EX: - @garyvee because of his brutally honest way of educating. - @LauraClery because they love stupid puns and a weird sense of humor - @freelancingfemales because of the opportunities, mentorship, and valuable resources - @jayshetty because of his spiritual views on life - @cannabisnow because of the tasteful delivery on industry news
Your Inspiration
Visuals & Voice
EX: I want to convey friendship, acceptance, and relaxation
EX: I love using blue in my branding because it symbolizes trust. I think my audience gets it too.
EX: I love @honeybook because of how they keep consistent branding through a pop of color in their pictures. They have a very light and playful feel to them. I love @stylesprinter for how they incorporate floral prints and vibrant colors. I love @syattfitness captions not so much because of the actual design but more the amount of personality felt in his content. he has a thing for all things Harry Potter and has built a persona around that.
Maybe you want one of those fill-in-the-blank GIF stories or a Facebook page cover. We'll go over this more in detail anyway when we talk!