Maybe you write some damn good blogs. Or maybe you've even written a best-selling book before. When it comes to content writing, learning how to write Instagram captions is a whole other ball game.

You might've even written great material in the meaty center of your message. But if you began with an insecure, apologetic, or fluffy "hook" sentence like:

  • "hey guys, just popping in to say that..."
  • " happy Friday!!!"
  • "happy monday"
  • "I hate to sound salesy but I'm launching a...."

Then you lost like 99% of people's attention. The remaining 1% are your best friends, family, and maybe that one loyal follower who always comments.

Think of the first sentence of your caption as the subject line of an email or a blog title that makes an article click-worthy. It’s a hook. It needs to speak to a pain point with a question or statement relevant to your target audience. If you want to position yourself as a leader within your industry you can’t apologize for pitching and you can’t waste your audience’s time with a weak first sentence.

19 Fill-in-the-Blank Instagram Caption Hook Templates

The below Instagram caption hook ideas are based on top-performing pieces of content from my Instagram.

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Bonus Tips to Write Good Instagram Captions

A great first sentence in your Instagram content writing triggers curiosity. Would you rather read:

  1. "Hey guys, so I just wanted to pop by real quick because I was thinking about…"
  2. "The Engagement Hack 99% of Business Owners Aren't Trying "

Option 1: Assumes people already know you and have established a basic relationship with you. Don’t assume people know who you are or what you’re about.

Option 2: Makes you wonder what this could be to get the satisfaction of knowing you’re the 1% who will do the work. It’s intriguing without being classified as clickbait because you deliver the answers people came seeking.

And if you don’t know how to even fill in the blanks in the Instagram caption idea templates above, this means you don’t know your target audience well enough. No hard feelings, you just need to do more research to write better content.

There are different levels to the content experience. Most people on social platforms, like Instagram, don’t know you. Your content creates awareness around your brand. And making them care about what your brand is even about can start with something as simple as a good hook sentence to start your caption.
So, which of these caption templates will you use?