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I transform overwhelmed brands into consistent scroll-stopping content masters  


I believe in the art of human connection, storytelling, & a seamless workflow


Bye, bye trendy meaningless graphics for the sake of looking pretty
Hello personality-rich online presence with badass voice, values, and visuals

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Hi, I’m Diana

Personality-rich content social media whiz, graphic designer, & social storyteller. I’m the founder of DGS Studio, a social and creative studio with human-connection at the forefront.

We help brands unlock what the soul of their brand truly is. In a totally casual tone, that means you go from feeling robotic, confused, and bland to confidently and consistently showing up as your brand in style. We believe in constant testing, evolution, and adaption. Failure to embrace this is the literal death of your brand. But we have your back so you don’t have to reach level 10,000 with your anxiety.

We work with brands in the marketing, tech, creative, mindfulness, health, and personal development niches that are ready to establish a style that’s authentic, memorable, and consistently polished.

If you want to read a little more about me (possibly find some fun facts) click this beautiful hyperlink.

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