Hey I'm Diana 👋

👉 Head of Content at VEED (1st marketing hire and 7th employee)
👉 Video content creation lover and passionate about all things content
👉 Documenting my career lessons (and stupid jokes) @dianagetssocial

My views in life and all I do

As kids, we are fearlessly imaginative. Our curiosity knows no bounds. But as we grow, adults fill us with "reality checks" and tales of caution rooted in their own fears and failures as if nobody else can achieve what they could not.

We are made to fear what has never been done before and urged to follow a "safer and more stable" route
rather than explore things that could help us reach the next layer of self-awareness and professional growth.

I'm here to make myself happy before anything else and document the mistakes and lessons on the journey.

My favorite people to learn from not only teach me stuff that makes me a better professional but also show the things that make them...well...them! That's the "secret sauce" of content (and not you don't have to be a personal brand to inject personality).

I'll teach you lessons from my career from video SEO to being a social media manager. But I will also tell you about times I haven't had a clue about what I'm doing and how I made progress in my digital diary here.

- Diana

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