To be clear – I rated Building Brand Value low not because the information is bad. I simply believe it could've been even shorter and formatted as an approximately 3,500-word blog post (or as gated content).

Besides my personal experience with this subject, there are good basic principles here. If you've never read a book on a similar subject and want a quick 45-min to 1-hour read, this is a good book.

If you're not new to marketing and branding, this might be too entry-level for you.

Criteria Criteria
Genre Communications, Branding
What it's about How to package your pitch in a clear and concise way that's memorable and people care about.
My main takeaway It's not about you. It's always about what other people want. If you can't repackage your ask in a way that appeals to the listener you will lose.
Overall Rating 5/10

What problems was I facing that made me read this book?

  • Since reading This Book Will Teach You How to Write Better by copywriter Neville Medhora I've loved learning about communicating better.
  • I work with an entirely remote global team. Ensuring my communication and the companies communication is clear matters.

Did the book help me solve (or get closer to) solving my problem(s)?

Personally, no.

But that's because I've already read a good chunk of other content on this subject. If I hadn't already been studying this topic I might say this book taught me a lot of new things.

It's a great entry-level book to see if you want to dig into more lengthy learning material on the subject of communications.

If I had to summarize this book into key points

In a nutshell, the message is to always look at challenges from your listener's perspective. This way when you package whatever you're pitching you can format it in a clear and concise way that they understand, captivates them, and makes them more likey to care for what you have to say.

In short, there are 7 key points to Building Brand Value

  1. All About Them: People care about themselves. Show the listener how they will benefit early on.
  2. Hearts Then Minds: Get people emotionally invested before you pitch the logic on why you're right.
  3. Make It Simple: Reduce what you want to convey to the most simple essence of what you want to convey (e.g. Volvo is all about safety, Nike is about just doing it)
  4. Make It Quick: Be efficient and respectful of people's time. If you don't need 20 minutes to convey a 2-minute message then don't take up all 20 minutes.
  5. Make It Yours: Figure our what makes you stand out or else you will blend in and be forgettable.
  6. All Five Senses: The more of our five senses that you can stimulate the better your message will be internalized (e.g. Realtors bake cookies at an open house to create a homey vibe as they paint the picture of the lifestyle that could be yours in the property they're selling)
  7. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: We learn by repetition. Don't say the important stuff only once and expect it to stick.

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