I don't have a fancy marketing degree but, honestly, being self-taught taught me to explore things I'm naturally curious about so I...

  1. Get really good at them
  2. Develop a unique perspective on the subject matter

I think resumes are really fucking boring to read and look at. So I'm sharing my career in timeline form from when I started a dog sitting business that made $6,000 MRR to joining VEED when it was at $150K MRR (and now $6M ARR a bit over a year and a half later)

Here we go! 👇

Story Resume: How I went from dog business entrepreneur to SaaS marketer

  1. I started my career as a graphic design student in 2013 turned marketing intern helping market Lexus vehicles where I increased sales to our service department by 10%. This is where I became fascinated by marketing and decided I didn't want to design logos for work.

  2. In 2015 I was a broke social media manager making $15/hour. So I started Happy Tails Adventures – a luxury dog sitting business hosted out of my parent's beautiful home with a pool 🤣

    Although it didn't last long (due to constraints from the homeowner's association) I managed to make more than my marketing job. I made about $200 in my first month and after about three months I was bringing in $6,000 to $8,000 per month (depending on whether there were any holidays where I charged extra).

    New clients got a goodie bag with a refer-a-furry-friend card (this was a hit!) I invested in a Go-Pro so each dog even got a daily vlog sent to their owner! I even made $500 MRR from a single client that needed daycare, dog taxi (I drove him places), and boarding every single month. It was fun while it lasted and taught me a lot about starting and running a business with $0 in my pocket.

  3. In 2017 I worked with one of Hawaii's top real estate brokers for ultra-high net worth individuals on everything from email to direct mail marketing to local multimillion-dollar properties. I helped us get 1-3 weekly leads from extensive market report emails I researched and wrote myself.

  4. But in 2018 – to be quite frank – I was not happy with my life in terms of my career. I wasn't challenged enough by my jobs, was unhappy with my work conditions, was still extremely underpaid (I didn't recognize my worth tbh), and I didn't feel connected to the companies I had worked for.

  5. In December 2018 I quit to go freelance for a bit over a year and try different content-related gigs and for different types of clients from freelancers to interior designers to SaaS companies. I wanted to see if it was possible to enjoy what I did the way I had fun with the dog business.

  6. Fast forward to the end of January 2020. This self-discovery journey led me to VEED. I met them on their website customer service chat as a new user and ended up on a video call pitching myself to Sabba, the CEO and co-founder. VEED became my client on a 3-month service agreement.

    I was sooo happy for once doing marketing work for someone else. I learned that finding the right job is really hard but it is possible if you allow yourself to be curious and create opportunities before they present themselves (because some opportunities don't make it to public-facing job boards).

  7. In May 2020 I accepted an offer to become VEED's first marketing hire as their Head of Content. Back then the company was at $150K ARR  and as of October 2021 we are now at $6M ARR totally bootstrapped! What an amazing ride it has been 😍

Topics I Like Posting About

  • Video marketing
  • Organic social media strategy
  • Copywriting and content writing
  • Marketing career stories and lessons.
  • Designing content (graphics and readability)
  • Talking about my relationship with tech, content, and how they integrate into my personal life and career.

Side Note: SEO is also starting to grow on me as a new passion since it has been a big player in VEED's success.

What to Expect From Me

This is my creative outlet and one of my digital journals. I love to document the mistakes and lessons I learn on my professional journey.

I just have one rule as a "content minimalist" of sorts. I only publish if I would read what I wrote myself because it's useful, original, and worth me setting aside time in my weeknights after work and weekends.

I value my time and the content I consume to a nearly obsessive level. The way I have experienced life – everything I do, consume, and allow into my space is connected and affects one another.

Therefore I am extremely mindful and protective of your precious time and attention as well.

So don't expect a consistent and predictable posting schedule from me on any of my personal channels. But do expect consistent quality.

Your friend, Diana Briceño

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