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Nice to meet you, I'm Diana!

Head of Content at VEED and social strategist. I write about organic people-centric social media marketing, content creation, and content writing . I also write about productivity, mindset, and documenting my journey.

I live in Fort Lauderdale with my husband Gustavo. He's 6′4″& I'm 5′3″ (in case you're wondering 😂)

This is my dog Baloo who I think is a toddler trapped in a chunky dog bod sometimes #thicc

When I'm not creating & strategizing for VEED, I educate my Instagram followers so they don't touch the bots and grow their online presence.

My teaching style is sharing simple but powerful tips, always actionable, and zero bullshit or hand-holding. I don't believe in teaching what I haven't done myself but read in a book. Do more, teach after is how I roll.

I also Tik the Tok but with Instagram Reels coming in I don't think I'll focus on this platform as much due to time constraints and wanting a life outside social media tbh

My sole focus is to continue helping VEED grow and be impossible to not hear about online. 🤩

My secondary goal is to nurture my personal brand when time allows by sharing tips as well as documenting the more personal side of my experience. This makes me happy but also helps me build relationships that benefit my sole focus: VEED 🤓

❌ I do not take clients but if you have a simple question Google can't answer just tweet me. I plan to make in-depth content around the best tweet questions.

✅ I am always open to discuss podcast appearances or guest blogging opportunities for VEED (or anything else that might be interesting).

Love, Diana