I'm not a fan of resumes. If you really want to get to know my experience and how it has shaped the way I think and work then here's my journey.

Dig in to learn how I went from design student to marketeing intern + dog business entrepreneur to SaaS marketer

2013: Graphic Design BFA → 1st Marketing Job

  • I was a graphic design student at SCAD and wasn't sure if I liked it
  • Landed a marketing internship for JM Family Enterprises helping market Lexus vehicles. I increased sales to our service department by 10% after implementing email marketing and writing the copy.

What this chapter of life taught me: I didn't want to focus on growing + monetizing my design skills. Marketing is cooler to me.

2015: Broke Social Media Manager + My Successful Dog Business

  • Made $15/hour running social media for a national Brazilian steakhouse restaurant chain. There was zero room for experimentation or growth in my role.
  • I started Happy Tails Adventures – a dog sitting business hosted out of my parent's South Florida home with a pool
  • I only made around $200 in my first month so I doubled my prices and made changes to position myself as a high-end service.
  • After three months I was bringing in $2,000 to $3,000. I didn't know how to run ads but I put $125 on an ad that worked out for me which targeted people within a 3-mile radius of my parent's home.
  • I began to get more calls and was bringing in $6,000 to $8,000 per month).
  • My best client brought in $500 to $800 of MRR

What this chapter of my life taught me:

  1. Always have a side project to grant you the freedom to take creative risks and run experiments nobody needs to approve but you.
  2. Don't work in places where there is no room for learning, growth, or proper compensation.
  3. Never assume something is too weird. You don't get to decide what people want. I billed people for 30-minutes worth of Skype with their dog where I talked like a dog.

2017: Real estate marketing manager marketing to the 0.01%

  • Worked with one of Hawaii's top real estate brokers for ultra-high net worth individuals on everything from email to direct mail marketing to local multimillion-dollar properties.
  • I helped us get 1-3 weekly leads from extensive market report emails I researched and wrote myself. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to disclose many details from this role.

What this chapter of my life taught me:

  1. Assuming people have even a second to spare is disrespectful to them. No matter who you talk to, keep the message simple, well-structured, direct, and as clear as possible.
  2. Don't let people needlessly denigrate and manipulate you. I had no life in this role, slept with my phone under my pillow, was always nervous/afraid, and worked from 7 am to 10 pm (or later) with short breaks.

2018-2020: Social media director → Freelancer

  • Coming out of a toxic job, I was ecstatic to accept an agency role as social media director here in South Florida
  • But I wasn't challenged enough, work conditions were still unsatisfactory, and I felt I was missing something but wasn't sure what.
  • The lessons from my dog sitting days kept ringing louder and louder in my head–I knew I could do better and just needed to throw myself into a new "deep end"
  • I started making marketing-related content for my personal brand and quit my job in December 2018 to freelance full-time
  • My goal was to gain insight into my work preferences by experiencing different types of content marketing projects and clients in different industries.
  • In January 2020 I met Sabba from VEED on a customer service chat and ended up on a call where I pitched myself. The following week, VEED became my client on a 3-month contract where I did VEED's social media, blogs, newsletters, landing page copy, and more.

What this chapter of my life taught me:

  1. Don't hope for things to change. Do something about it.
  2. Don't assume you know what someone needs from you. Ask a lot of what, how, and why questions and you'll reveal even juicier opportunities where you can pitch yourself to help.

2020-Present: Growing VEED & Building Content

  • In May 2020 I accepted an offer to become VEED's first marketing hire as their Head of Content. The company was at $150K ARR  when I started and hit $6M ARR in October 2021 totally bootstrapped!
  • My current goal is to hit 100K MAU for our blog. Coming from a creative and social media background to now building a blog is new for me, exciting, and thankfully VEED is a great place to grow personally and professionally.

What this chapter is teaching me:

  1. I was never happy in other jobs because they didn't grant me the flexibility and independence to do my best work. VEED would not be where it is today if Sabba & Tim had poorly invested their time into micromanaging everyone.
  2. Focus. Pick 1-2 channels to start and do them well. You cant be everywhere if you don't yet have the resources in terms of time, people, and budget.
  3. Document everything. One day you'll need to hire and you'll be grateful you jotted down how you do stuff.
  4. and so much more but I'll cover these things in my blog...

What to Expect From Me

This is my creative outlet and one of my digital journals. I love to document the mistakes and lessons I learn on my professional journey.

I just have one rule as a "content minimalist" of sorts.

I only publish if I would read what I wrote myself because it's useful, original, and worth me setting aside time in my weeknights after work and weekends.

I value my time, energy, and the content I consume to a nearly obsessive level. The way I have experienced life – everything I do, consume, and allow into my space is connected and affects one another.

Therefore I am extremely mindful and protective of your precious time and attention as well.

So don't expect a consistent and predictable posting schedule from me on any of my content channels. But do expect consistent quality from me be it that I teach you something, make you laugh, or BOTH!

Your friend, Diana Briceño