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an elegant blend of creativity + strategy

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I believe in the art of human connection
I believe in the power of beautifully branded visuals
I believe great content is not just beautiful but encourages action
I believe in the underestimated power of storytelling through social content

“Make it go viral” most people say. But I hope you’re not most people. Because most people aren’t ready to trust the process, be brutally honest, and experiment. That’s why they fail and that’s not you!

It’s time to slow down. Take two steps back and analyze, what’s really going on. You’re throwing all these punches and they’re not landing.

From creative direction for viral influencer campaigns to designing the look and feel of a brand, I’ve been working in both the social & design world for 7+ years.

But I felt something was missing. So many people & brands were struggling on social media because they didn’t know how to present themselves through this relatively new medium of expression.

Sure you have sites like Canva, but after a while it just feels like everybody is using the same template. In an ocean where everyone tends to look the same, standing out is crucial. So this year, in 2019, I began to branch out on my own. This prompted the creation of Diana Gets Social. My goal is to create gorgeous ready-to-post content and highly customizable reusable templates to make the content creation process of small to mid-size business owners nearly effortless.

Talk to you soon!



  • Attended the Graphic Design program at the Savannah College of Art & Design

  • 2 years of agency experience as a social media & creative director

  • 7+ years developing social media content, copy, and design assets

  • Experience working in the tech, travel, beauty, pet, food industry and more  

  • HubSpot Social Media Certified

  • Hubspot InBound Methodology Certified


omg you’re still scrolling!

Here are some totally random fun facts about me

  1. I’m multi-lingual. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and speak English & Spanish fluently. I am also conversational in Portuguese & Italian. Learning new languages and about new cultures is a passion of mine.

  2. I’m obsessed with personality tests & self-awareness. My personality type is INTP-A, the logician. INTPs make up 3% of the population and pride themselves on inventiveness, creativity, unique perspective & intellect. I'm a type 2 on the Enneagram test. Type twos are the caring, interpersonal type.

  3. Adopting dogs holds a special place in my heart, especially the highly misunderstood bully breeds. I have a chunky Staffy named Baloo.

  4. Mental health is huge for me and a big reason why I emphasize mindset in my content. It’s also a reason for why I created my workflow consults because I like to help my clients feel confident and capable of producing quality content no matter what.

  5. My goal is for Diana Gets Social to evolve into DGS Studio, a creative studio that rapidly embraces new trends in the digital landscape while never neglecting the important component of genuine human connection.